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If you’re thinking of putting your place on the market in the next few years and hope to get a solid return on your investment, plan for your kitchen renovation to cost between 5 and 10 percent of the house’s total value. : If this is your forever home, however, how much you pay is up to you and your personal taste. Transforming your kitchen into an energy-efficient , green kitchen can help add more value to your home while also putting more money in your pocket. You can save on your electricity costs while conserving energy and doing something good for the environment. A few suggestions for green updates include installing double-pane windows, replacing your current counter lighting with LED lights, or upgrading to energy efficient appliances and eco-friendly faucets. Because the kitchen is such a high-traffic area, it might be your best candidate for a remodel. Costs can vary based on the scale of work, so coming up with an initial estimate is a great place to start. In this guide, we’ll reveal the average kitchen remodel cost, how to come up with your budget, and ways to cut down on costs. We’ll also make sure you understand the factors you should be aware of before taking the plunge.updating 90s kitchen cabinetsThe goal was to achieve a fully functional and beautiful kitchen for a busy family. Condition. Carefully assess the condition of your cabinets. If the doors are ugly, faded, or damaged due to heat, moisture, and age , but the boxes ndash the part thatrsquos attached to the wall ndash are sound, the cabinets are good candidates for a facelift. However, if the boxes themselves ЛОЖЬ , fronts, gray $2,421 AXSTAD cabinet fronts, white $2,421 The second is how long you plan to stay in your house. If you are planning on selling the home within five years, then your kitchen renovation should be viewed as an improvement on a real estate investment. Only spend what you think you will get back when you sell the house. If you plan on living in your home longer than five years, you should do a remodel that will make you and your family the most comfortable. Name * Flooring may sound like a major decisive factor when it comes to remodeling budgets, but it is not. So, keeping the existing flooring may not cause a major shift in the cost figures. The cost of flooring is driven the material used and then the square footage of the kitchen. Granite flooring is by far a popular option. Vinyl flooring does not add any significant value to the house and wood flooring is not practical in a kitchen environment. """"""""


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