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This is a set of 10 Christian affirmation stickers. I hope that looking at these affirmations can be an encouraging reminder of your identity in Christ Jesus.These floral-inspired oval stickers are the perfect for your planner, journal, greeting card, and more! They also make a great gift for loved ones.

Stickers are all designed, printed, and cut by me.



These stickers are available in either a matte (non-waterproof) sticker paper, or laminated waterproof sticker paper. Please select which option you'd like at checkout.




  • Blessed : 3.01" wide, 2" tall
  • Chosen: 3.18" wide, 2.2" tall
  • Enough: 3.15" wide, 1.76" tall
  • Forgiven: 3" wide, 1.74" tall
  • Known: 3.13" wide, 1.66" tall
  • Loved: 3" wide, 2.13" tall
  • Redeemed: 3.31" wide, 1.44" tall
  • Strong: 3.24" wide, 2.22" tall
  • Unique: 3.13" wide, 1.84" tall
  • Worthy: 3.2" wide, 2.08" tall


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Affirmation Sticker Pack | Hand Lettered Stickers

  • Material:

    • Sticker Paper
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